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The Moment Stealer

Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization - Alex Irvine As far as novelizations go, this one was pretty mediocre. I never quite got any real unexplored depths to the characters that I didn't already figure out myself from the film, and the writing was rather basic.

The book certainly did yield some interesting factoids (like how the Kaidonovskys's fierce dedication to their music, Mako's swordsmithing heritage, and the fact that Hermann is actually married!), but I was looking for motivations, thoughts, maybe even memories the novel could dwell on that a fast-paced action flick couldn't have time for. This was the story's chance to breathe and flesh out its decisions and characters. Backstory and facts were solid, but I wanted to feel what the characters were feeling. Also, major points lost for an ending where Mako and Raleigh kiss.

Alex Irvine may have dropped the awesome ball on this one.