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The Moment Stealer

Flipped - Wendelin Van Draanen It's written for young adults (or maybe readers even younger than that) but Flipped teaches some very basic but often misunderstood concepts people can go their entire lives without understanding. Even I've fallen prey to it, not that I'm any particular font of wisdom.

Juli Baker, who isn't known for holding back, falls in love with her new neighbor Bryce Loski the minute she sees his blue eyes, and she falls hard. She thinks he's the most beautiful boy she's ever met and that he's the key to her first kiss. Bryce, on the other hand, thinks she's weird, and spends the next few years being plagued by her relentless attentions.

Towards the end of the book, though, their perspectives flip (as it will). Bryce begins to appreciate Juli for who she is and isn't afraid to be, and Juli begins to realize the emptiness of her crush on Bryce. They don't know each other at all.

It's a wonderful story -- it's simple, but it comes across in a powerful way. How often do we fall in love with someone -- or even just like someone platonically -- at face value without taking the time to find out who they really are? In fact, even This isn't a philosophical treatise in any way, but there are unexpected depths to Flipped's coming-of-age love story, and I'm enchanted.