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The Moment Stealer

Simon The Coldheart - Georgette Heyer Simon the Coldheart is the story of Simon and how his heart is not cold at all. Not one bit.

There's more to it, of course, like how he starts out a veritable nobody and goes from the squire of his father's enemy to the lord of his own parcel of land to protector of the King's conquered territories. It features a fair amount of manly friendship and respect, with adopted brother Alan (poet, lover, all around smart-alec) and actual half-brother Geoffrey (hotheaded, impulsive, loyal to a fault). It also has a bit to do with his many great victories in war and how the greatest one of all was his battle with the Countess Margaret, who held her own castle against their foreign siege and who also could have stabbed him but didn't.

This is one of the Heyer books that would be great fun to watch on the big screen. One can already fantasize about the casting, and it would be a delightful set of contrasting characters. The tale is full of adventure and daring, and whatever it lacks in sparkling wit it makes up for with fascinating characters who all really like each other. Sometimes that's all it takes.