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The Moment Stealer

The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch Locke Lamora, one-time urchin, all-time thief, is the leader of the Gentleman Bastards. Smallest gang among the many thugs and ne'er do wells of the Right People of Camorr, the Gentleman Bastards set themselves apart from the petty footpads and sneakthieves of the city by setting their eyes on far loftier goals than picking pockets, mugging mugs and pilfering pennies. Con men and scam artists would weep with envy at the intricacy with which they weave webs around the wealthier citizens of Camorr and pluck their pockets empty.

But the halcyon days soon come to an end, as Locke's luck would have it. Things are afoot in the glittering Elderglass city of Camorr which Locke could have never dreamed of. In fact, once the ball gets rolling, poor Locke and his friends never seem to catch a break. First, it's imposed betrothals to crime princesses, then it's kidnapping by the mysterious and murderous usurping Grey King and a dangerous task that's impossible to refuse, then tangling with the secret royal forces of the Spider up in the skies, then somehow saving the day and sailing off into the sunset? And also a barrel of horse urine?

What? How? Why? Will our intrepid heroes make their fortune and make it out alive? Find out. You won't regret it.