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The Moment Stealer

Dark Currents (The Emperor's Edge #2) - Lindsay Buroker Dark Currents has pretty huge shoes to fill but it does not disappoint in the slightest. We return to Amaranthe and her band of bantering outlaws in their first major attempt to clear their name by doing heroic deeds for the good of the Empire. Someone is tampering with the water supply of the city and infecting the population, so the ever opportunistic Amaranthe sees her chance to earn some glory and redemption for her team. In this whirlwind of adventures, the Emperor's Edge will have to face gambling tycoons, vengeful shamans, bloodthirsty forest animals, women-hunting beasts of legend, and worst of all -- each other.

Amaranthe is as delightful as always, moderating her quarrelsome group with weary familial affection. She is somewhat less successful in this book at talking her way out of the many (it bears repeating: MANY) sticky situations she lands herself in, but her luck holds and even slightly surpasses itself in her neverending quest to pick away at the hard nigh-impenetrable shell of mystery that is Sicarius.

It's satisfying to see the group slowly solidifying into a band of brothers, especially from Books's perspective. Books is the one member of the team who's constantly the butt of the jokes and the oddest man out. Watching him grow to understand his own importance in the group and realize that he no longer had to be alone was touching.

The great thing about coming to this series so late is that I don't have to wait in agony until the next book comes out. Onwards!