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The Moment Stealer

The Assassin's Curse - Cassandra Rose Clarke I loved this book. From the first sentence, I knew I was going to have a great time -- dare I say, a rollicking great one -- because Ananna's voice is excellent. I don't know what sort of accent she's canonically supposed to have but in my head, I heard Merida's voice from Brave (they both do start their adventures off with the objective of avoiding unwanted marriages, so this isn't entirely unfounded). I liked to pretend she was a fiery yet somewhat petulant Scottish pirate. Cassandra Rose Clarke writes her with a personality that fair springs off the page and into adventure. And Naji is a mystery wrapped around a puzzle wrapped around a really hot deadly assassin guy with sexy magic tattoos who secretly cares despite his many misgivings, so obviously I'm there. I like the idea that eh, he's saved the world a few times, no big deal, look at the big picture Ananna. Their romance is one-sided thus far, and adorably so, so when it changes in the next book, I expect greater levels of adorable behavior and maybe a gut twist or two.

This book was upsettingly short. I don't mean to say that it's ten pages long or anything, but it's over too soon. It's the Nutella of books. It's so delicious you can't stop yourself when it's in your hands. You take bite after bite, turn page after page, and then you realize you've finished the whole thing off in a haze of delight but that delight fades away because there's nothing left to do but wait until they restock Nutella at the grocery store and who knows how long you'll have to wait???

June. I'll have to wait until June. Until then, I suppose Nutella will have to do.