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The Moment Stealer

The English Witch - Loretta Chase This is the story of Alexandra Ashmore, plagued from every which way by fiances and suitors she doesn't want. In order to put off one engagement, Alexandra pretends to be engaged to another in the form of Basil Trevelyan, a villainous-scoundrel-turned-wealthy-hero, then turns around and secures another one once they return to England, just to be safe. Of course, then it turns out that she and Basil were perfect for each other all along, and after various mishaps and misunderstandings, end up happily together, the end.

The English Witch is definitely superior to its predecessor, Isabella, but one has to suspend one's disbelief to get through it. Once all skepticism is shed and a willingness to accept the ridiculous and implausible is established, the delights of this book will be revealed. There is a definite spark between Alexandra and Basil that comes off as natural and exciting. I loved the way they talked to each other, which could make or break a romance novel for me, but Loretta Chase nailed it. The rest of the book's problems fall away in the light of their banter, so four stars it is.

And I still loved Isabella's mother.