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Isabella - Loretta Chase Isabella is the story of Isabella Latham, a rich heiress who is caught up in a love triangle two men -- one of whom is obviously the One but she proceeds to make a hash of a very simple situation anyway because otherwise there wouldn't be a story, would there?

If it isn't obvious yet, I didn't quite love this story. I gather that this is one of Loretta Chase's first books, so it's understandable -- anyway, her halfway decent books are better than many other more established authors' attempts.

Isabella is a bland heroine, who is only interesting because the author's prose informs us it is so (instead of showing us). The protagonist is forgettable -- I just read this book a few days ago but the only facts I can remember about him are that he has an adopted daughter from somewhere and that he's a stiff bore easily outshone by his cousin, Trev. Trevelyan is the only Character in this novel of empty Regency stereotypes (and he himself is something of a stereotype, but he is excellently so), and it sometimes felt as though Loretta Chase only wrote this as a vehicle for his own story.

I did like Isabella's mother, though.