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The Moment Stealer

Frankenstein - Mary Shelley, Maurice Hindle I think this is a book that needs no summary. Everyone knows the tale of Frankenstein and his monster, to some extent. To be honest, I was waiting for the whole peasants-pitchforks-FIRE BAD bit, and it never happened, but I'm not disappointed with what I did read instead (I guess those are affectations that come from the adapted film versions of this story).

The story is marketed as horror or as science fiction, but I think it ought to be a tragedy. The tale of the life Frankenstein's monster leads is so unnecessarily sad and dismal. He didn't start out as a monster and in fact seemed to be a creature of high intelligence and sentiment, but only became so through the folly and intolerance of his creator. It sort of makes you think about how man needs no supernatural creature to call enemy when he makes enough of them on his own. None of the characters gets a happy ending, and the tone of the story, despite the truly breathtaking descriptions of nature, is so grim and foreboding that it takes a toll on the reader, but this is a book that shouldn't be missed.