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The Moment Stealer

I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella Sophie Kinsella's characters are usually embroiled in sticky situations, but none so sticky or self-induced as Poppy's. There were times during the reading of this book when I wanted to chuck my own phone straight at Poppy's head and shake her -- because honestly, what was she thinking??? "Meddlesome" doesn't even begin to cut it. The lack of common sense she exhibited often made me more than a little exasperated with her -- but fondly.

Because despite her many outrageous violations of privacy and the use of Sam's inexplicable attachment (and not at all believable) to witchy Willow to cause the final hitch in the road, this book was excellent! I really liked Poppy and found her hilarious and delightful. Sam was wry and funny and I rather liked that he had much more to do than stand around and be dreamy, the way most chick lit men do. The whole debacle at his company was interesting to read, though a little too neatly tied up. And yes, definitely, their chemistry was spectacular.

And Self-Discovery Moment! Gosh darn it do I love reading about interrupted wedding ceremonies.