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The Moment Stealer

Rivers of London  - Ben Aaronovitch An unexpectedly great read! I actually just picked this up on the basis of its excellent cover, and am very glad that to report that it gave me zero in the way of regrets.

A protagonist who isn't your usual Caucasian detective badassis something that needs to happen more often, but the great thing is that while Peter Grant is still affected by a fair number of the stereotypes assigned to people of mixed race (for instance, people staying a bit away from him on the tube, or several racist comments said to him in the course of the book), as a character he is more than just the color of his skin.

The plot was terrific as well, and the story itself kind of seems like some sort of letter to the city of London -- I wouldn't quite say that it was a love letter, but a letter nonetheless. I've only ever been to the city once, but the streets, the landmarks, the people, the sheer personality of London came alive for me while I read.

Lastly, I fell completely in love with Peter Grant himself. He's written with just the wry and resigned sort of deadpan humor that I instantly adored. He's not the luckiest guy in the world -- he's an average copper in love with a girl who only sees him as a good friend. He's a wizard, but he has none of the startling amount of talent that we usually see in stories like this. He's not the smartest guy around, but he can see through mysteries in a way that ends up saving the day.

My hopes are now sufficiently built up. Moon Over Soho, don't let me down.