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At Your Pleasure - Meredith Duran I've been accustomed to expecting a pretty good emotional wringing from Meredith Duran's work (though to be fair I've only read one of her other books, but I liked it well enough!). I expected that at some point I would need to fan myself a little, too. These are the things I want in a romance novel: the urge to sigh and the urge to cry.

Unfortunately, At Your Pleasure didn't deliver. The character development actually lost me at some point, and I was left floundering in paragraphs describing all sorts of feelings that made no sense whatsoever, and not because I am a robot. I'm not, really.

And I'm not even going to mention the plethora of consent issues. At some point all the promise of this book withered away and I just kept on going with it because I can't bear leaving books unfinished.

I was pretty close to giving this a rating of two stars, but the writing was fair, even if the character development was less so, so three it is. Meredith Duran's very well-turned prose earns that extra star.