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The Moment Stealer

Twixt Firelight and Water (Sevenwaters, #5.5) - Juliet Marillier Everything Juliet Marillier does is magic. Twixt Firelight and Water is a brief spell instead of a long working, but for the brief half hour of my reading it I was completely and utterly enchanted, taken completely out of the present and into the forest of Sevenwaters. My heart broke for Conri and Loch's doomed love, and also for Conri when his fears nearly overcame his hope. I loved Aisha, who fits the mold of the Sevenwaters women to overflowing.

It goes without saying that I wish this could have been expanded into a whole novel, with the slow and doubtlessly beautiful intertwining of Conri and Aisha's lives, but it ended on such a wonderful note of shining hope. Simply beautiful story.