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The Moment Stealer

Her Best Worst Mistake - Sarah Mayberry Hahahahaha, oh man I kind of enjoyed this book a lot. Picked it up and finished it in an hour. Violet is a riot, and also someone I kind of want to just bundle into my arms and comfort. The outrageous personality with a vulnerable center trope has been done to death but there's just something about the way Violet is portrayed that makes her vulnerability strength instead of weakness. I like the way she draws upon it to keep herself going.

And personally I am a fan of initially stuffy heroes, three piece suits, and initially stuffy heroes in three-piece suits. Martin is excellent and sweet and holy shit he's ridiculously sexy and not just because I keep imagining Rupert Penry-Jones or anything, nope. I cooed several times at how sweet he was.

This is an excellent book to read on a rainy day, a lazy afternoon, a night when you need something to cheer you up, or basically any slice on the clock.