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The Moment Stealer

Why Mermaids Sing - C.S. Harris If I hadn't already been determined to finish this series, this book would have firmly cemented me in. Holy crap, the revelations in this book. The main plot itself was harrowing enough in its content, let alone the way it was slowly revealed to the readers, but then I guess Harris threw up her hands and decided to throw all taboos to the wind.

To all appearances, anyway. I am almost positive that just as Kat's origins weren't what she thought, Sebastian's own will eventually be questioned. It's an excellent curveball, though, and makes me wonder what the endgame will be.

When the exact nature of the transgressions which brought about this latest crime spree came to light, I couldn't put the book down. Should I be concerned about this? There was just something morbidly fascinating about the history -- I won't go into details about it, but I guess this is why people enjoy horror movies.

Wow. Just wow.