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The Moment Stealer

When Gods Die - C.S. Harris There are a lot of things I am really coming to like about this series. Obviously, I like Devlin, because why would I stick to a series revolving around a protagonist I couldn't stand? In a way he reminds me of Batman, sans the cool gadgets. In addition to all the sleuthing and action, he's got a junior sidekick in the form of Tom, the same air of menace in society due to his reputation, and, as we're beginning to learn in this book, something of a tragic past.

And he cares. He cares more than he wants people to realize. I wouldn't go so far as to say that he is a big softie underneath all that feral viscountiness, but he is human and has a bigger heart than he probably realizes. His devotion to Kat, for instance, gives him completely away.

I like that this book doesn't shy away from the political atmosphere of the times. When Devlin found himself in the thick of that angry mob, it was one of the only moments that I was truly anxious for him, because Harris did such an excellent job weaving the strong undercurrents of class discontent and anger.

I like how the first book laid the plotlines for the French treachery and this one put out the mystery of his mother. I'm wondering where the next one will lead.

Do you know, I would give money to see this turned into a sort of television series. One season per book, probably. Though I suppose it would have to partition an incredible amount of funding for wardrobe, because it seems that every single coat Devlin puts on finds its way to absolute ruin.