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Unraveled - Courtney Milan I'll have this to say for Courtney Milan's Unraveled -- it's a fair bit different from your usual romance novel, and not just because love doesn't magically cure all of our hero's problems. It's a refreshing change, and this novel is actually a fair bit more mature than I expected. Smite's got some serious problems, after all.

Still, I'm not really sure how I feel about this one. Smite and Miranda seem to understand each other perfectly, but the story seems to be more about Smite. I'm aware that the action scenes are all brought about by Miranda's problems, but I don't really sense any real depth to her. Maybe this is because Smite's issues are so very heavy and she seems light in comparison, but when I compare her to the other heroines in this series, she seems awfully blank, despite her supposedly checkered past.

And Smite's constant angsting about how alone he is and has to be gets awfully tiresome. I've never been a fan of the brooding hero with a dark past thing. I'll take it when I have to, but this kind of went overboard at times

Or maybe I'm just looking for something to complain about, or to explain away the fact that I never really felt that lovely clenching in my heart that comes with a book I can't put down. The reason why I couldn't put this down wasn't because I was enraptured with it. It was because I kept waiting for, well, whatever serves as a punchline in romance novels.

Don't get me wrong -- Unraveled is an enjoyable read, and the characters all spark off each other in interesting and unexpected ways. It's just that I've grown accustomed to gut-wrenching scenes in addition to genuinely deep affection in Milan's writing, so to find one missing even though the other is perfectly lovely is a bit of a disappointment.

Also, is it strange if I admit that Richard Dalrymple formed the bulk of all my favorite scenes? He is my absolute favorite.