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The Moment Stealer

Unveiled - Courtney Milan Normally, I don't read stories revolving around the vengeance trope. Romance novels usually come with a manageable dose of angst, but this trope doles it out by the truckful. Angst about whatever previous slight in an unfortunate past has led the protagonist down this dark path of avenging justice, angst about the unwitting innocents who must inevitably be trodden into the mud en route, and angst about betraying the person who is obviously the soulmate and redeemer of said protagonist but it must be done for JUSTICE. OH BUT IF ONLY I COULD FIND SOME OTHER WAY.

Please. So, now that I've stated my dislike for this trope, I'll have to say that this book was pretty good. The dynamic between Ash and Margaret was such that I could overlook the occasional hand-wringing involved in the betrayal of your soulmate.

The way both of them have such unassailable confidence in the other, how they both seek to convince each other of their self-worth -- that was what stood out for me. Ash and Margaret are true equals, in every sense of the word. It's not often that romance novels have anything fueling their protagonists other than lust and agreeable compatibility, but in Unveiled, Courtney Milan takes care to construct a relationship that even I can believe in.