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The Moment Stealer

A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5) - George R.R. Martin The problem with a multi-character narrative is that some characters are bound to be far more interesting than others, and others dead boring. This rang true for A Dance With Dragons. I suppose the problem is that, say, with the Jon Snow story the plot had to simmer up to the screaming steaming boil it ended with. However, the exciting bits were saved for the end of the book, and that is a ridiculously long book with other narratives that spark from the outset. I'd groan a little almost every time I'd turn the page and "JON" would be up there on top of the next one.

The first three-fourths of the book were something I had to remind myself to read, but that final quarter was like a sudden rush of adrenaline. The best part of the book (as usual) was Arya's story. Dany's was a close second, because Mereen had the heart and the political intrigue that the Wall did not, and also dragons (WOW, that scene).

I'm not sure that I'll like where this overall story is heading, but George R.R. Martin's sort of gotten us used to swallowing food we don't like, hasn't he? I'll try a bit of that faith for now.