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The Moment Stealer

The Crowded Shadows - Celine Kiernan Devoured this in the span of a single day, but it was due more to my impatience to find out what's going on than anything. I'd have preferred to give this book four stars, but Celine Kiernan's infuriating tendency to have her characters withhold vital information from Wynter pushes all patience just a little bit too far. My affection for Christopher, which was at an all-time high from the previous book, has dropped at an alarming rate. Yes, his hesitation to share everything is understandable, but it doesn't make everything any less annoying. Adding all that Irish into the mix didn't help clear up the increasingly muddy waters of this book.

And all this obtuseness flying around is actually rather damaging to Wynter as a character as well. Treating the story this way has Wynter do nearly nothing in the book, once she meets up with Razi and Christopher. She merely stands around, holds them back, or tries to make them feel better -- not exactly the most stirring of heroines. She has, I think, lost herself in this book, fallen into the background of Christopher's and Razi's separate dramas.

I'm still going to read the last book, because I can't stand to leave anything open-ended. I'm also hoping with everything in me that Wynter finally steps out from her friends' shadows and saves the day -- as well as my opinion.