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The Moment Stealer

The Next Best Thing - Kristan Higgins Generally Kristan Higgins manages to knot up my throat at one point or another in her books (sometimes it happens more than once), but that moment never happened in The Next Best Thing. Which is a bit of a letdown, considering how this book tackles a very emotionally heavy sort of subject matter.

Part of it may be that I found Lucy's grief and many neuroses too excessive, but maybe that's par for the course for that sort of grief. Maybe six years isn't enough time. What do I know, really?

Part of it may also be that Ethan was too much of a pushover. I like beta heroes, but doormats are an entirely different matter. I understand that he had to tread carefully with Lucy, but she got far too many free passes, I think.

Still, I did finish the book in just one day. And even though I'm pretty lousy in the kitchen myself, I love reading about people who know their food. I liked the families -- fun and interesting relatives are the usual constant of a Kristan Higgins book. I loved that Lucy didn't end up becoming best friends with her childhood nemesis.

Speaking of constants, one thing did fall fairly short here -- Fat Mikey. I don't know if it's because she doesn't usually write cats, but Fat Mikey was just something that took up space in this book.