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The Moment Stealer

Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage -  Jennifer Ashley Generally, I like to read about broken marriages that end happily, and this book definitely rings the bell on that point. Still, there was something about this book that kept me from putting an extra star on my rating to match the general opinion.

Part of it might be because unlike many other readers, this was my first read of Ashley's Highland series. Coming in on a sequel could be a little jarring, especially since this book references her previous book quite a lot.

I think, however, that my reservation with this book stems from the way nearly every other page is slathered with boring descriptions of how Mac and Isabella are steaming with lust for each other. I'm definitely not new to the trashy romance novel genre, so I know that this is something that authors tend to do a lot, but something about the way the prose kept going on about it all the time was off-putting to me. Okay, we get it. Move along.

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