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The Moment Stealer

Natural Born Charmer - Susan Elizabeth Phillips This is typical Susan Elizabeth Phillips, but with a fun, zesty kick. You have her usual plot devices : troubled childhoods overcome, broken family healed through the power of love, and a strong secondary couple to keep things interesting. All of it usually works, but for Natural Born Charmer, it all came together in a way that makes this one of my favorite works of hers.

The one thing that definitely upped my rating for this book a notch was the banter. Banter is a must for me when reading anything at all, and SEP hit all the right notes. I loved it when Dean would call Blue out on her completely lack of fashion sense, or when she'd call him a girl. Reading Blue's scenes with Nita were particularly hilarious, and proof of SEP's excellent comedic writing.

The worst thing I can say about this book is that all that stuff about a gypsy caravan seemed awfully contrived and ridiculous, but it worked for the story well enough I suppose.