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The Moment Stealer

Silk Is For Seduction - Loretta Chase I don't know, maybe I've read too many of these romance novels, but instant attraction and lust doesn't just do it for me, and the way Chase handled theirs was a bit too ham-handed for me. It wasn't a bad read, and I really did like Marcelline and her family. I guess I just didn't find much in the way of a personality with the hero himself--he is basically just consumed with lust and obsession (and some half-felt guilt) for the whole of the book. It's kind of a pity because Loretta Chase has made some of the best and fascinating romance heroes.

On the other hand, I was really rather invested in the success of Noirot's shop -- there's just something magical about dressmakers to me, especially in those days when dresses were personally handmade and meant to be spectacles. I probably will continue reading this series when the next books come out.