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The Moment Stealer

Just One of the Guys - Kristan Higgins Just One of the Guys is rather different because Chastity's not your typical bombshell/waif--she's built like a tank or an Amazon, and that makes for some pretty interesting characterization. Her forays into the world of femininity were hilarious and also sort of touching. She takes initiative to improve her weaknesses, help out her family and friends, and at one point knees someone in the groin. Excellent!

It hits all the right notes and tropes for me--particularly the unrequited crush on brothers' best friend, which I think is made even more adorable because of Chastity's personality. There were fair number of gut-wrenching scenes that actually had me squeezing out a few (in disbelief -- this is not the kind of book you expect to tear up at, but when it comes you just gotta go with it), and the parallel romances were actually interesting and gave me some things to think about (particularly her parents).

Started reading this one night and finished when morning came (sleep, what sleep?). This is actually one of the more entertainingly written romance novels out there, and I'm thinking about looking into this Kristan Higgins's body of work.