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The Moment Stealer

Something Blue - Emily Giffin I actually liked this so much more than Something Borrowed, and think that it actually serves as a better testament to Giffin's skills at writing characters. Maybe it has to do with how a heroine in search of redemption tends to have better character development than one who just needs to spine it up. Darcy was blatantly unlikable in Rachel's story, but gradually became someone who was worthy of her own book.

My one hang up with the plot is how she seemed to have changed completely, with not a single remnant of her former personality left to her. It could be taken as a good thing because she was so shallow and manipulative. The restorative power of love at work, or possibly one could chalk it up to maternity -- but I think that eradicating her previous character so completely put an unreal, excessive gloss to this happy ending.

Also, once again, the best part of the story was Ethan.