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The Moment Stealer

Trickster's Choice  - Tamora Pierce Having been a fan of Tamora Pierce's work for pretty much a third of my life, I am amazed it took me until now to get around to reading Trickster's Choice. Because once I started, and despite a few hitches (Aly seems a little too competent and levelheaded for your typical sixteen-year old girl -- her unusual upbringing accounts for much of it yes, but I should think she should have panicked a little more at the idea of being sold into slavery, like anyone would), I pretty much powered through it all night and finished in no time flat.

Maybe I thought that as I was what would commonly be perceived as an adult now, I had to read more adult books, which is decidedly the wrong idea. Coming back to Tortall (or the Copper Isles, I guess) was just like coming home. Proves that you can never be too old to enjoy Tamora Pierce's excellent stories!