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The Moment Stealer

Lady Rogue - Suzanne Enoch If you like heroines who leave their heroes (who are fairly formidable in their own right) in the dust scratching their heads, then you're going to love Kit. She's bold yet not annoyingly so, incredibly likeable but not cloyingly charming, and a healthy mixture of childlike enthusiasm and grown cunning. She isn't perfect but is quite willing to see the brighter (and more profitable side) of things as they come, and that's why we like her so much. Also because she knows how to fleece people of their money. Enoch has found a happy medium in her heroine.

I did think that if Kit was as resourceful as she is supposed to have been, she ought to have been able to come up with some other way for her to figure out who her quarry is other than relying on Alex's connections. But then that would've taken this novel down an entirely different route (it might've been even better, though).

As for Alex, is it strange that I found him rather shallow? I think it's strange because it's usually the heroine who has had less work put into her character, because I suppose the point drawing the readers in is usually the hero, who we vicariously end up with through the vessel of the heroine. Not going into that, however, but I do think this story would have been a bit stronger if Enoch hadn't made Alex so cookie cutter Romance Hero (to be fair, he hardly ever brooded, so there's that).

I find it hilarious that the metadata question I just got for this review was "Do you think there is a strong male character in this book?" Obviously? No. Sorry. I read this for Kit and the cross dressing. I love me some gender bender books, I do.