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The Moment Stealer

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn - Alison Goodman I am so happy I decided to ignore the part of me that was put off by the cover of this book. It's not bad, exactly, but it doesn't really fit the style of the story.

Right off the bat, I was hooked. A crippled character who conceals her gender in order to ascend the ranks of power in an Asian-based society? How could that fail to keep my attention? And I love that it was set in a world that took its inspiration in China and Japan. Goodman's attention to detail and lush descriptions bring the world to life in my head. Always a good thing. I think more books should be set in Asia (and I'm not speaking from my personal bias alone), if only so that dragons and unnecessarily elaborate and intricate rituals can be brought into play.

I did think that it was a bit of a disappointment when the Mirror Dragon healed Eona's leg. It was a wonderful moment, and probably extremely useful considering the inevitable clash of things in the next book, but I rather wished that she remained crippled. I don't quite know how to explain why, but she made more of an impact on me that way.

I'm very excited to read the next book -- the description on the back indicates a deeper communion with the dragons, some sort of love triangle (Kygo and Ido? Though not too keen on Ido despite his one-eighty change, but maybe Goodman improves upon him), and most definitely a valiant sort of uprising. Can't wait!