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The Moment Stealer

The Grimm Legacy - Polly Shulman The Grimm Legacy is an excellent book built on a fantastic premise. The main character is a little bit difficult to figure out sometimes, as other stronger personalities in the book tend to overwhelm her. As far as I can tell, her personality doesn't quite change at all throughout the story, but her personality is actually not that bad. She might not be particularly striking or entertaining, but hers is the passive kind of heroine that doesn't grate on you. She is quiet and deferential, but she is also inquisitive and not at all afraid to threaten snarky, inappropriate glass mirrors that talk back.

The romance in this story is neither sweeping nor dramatic, but it does the job most awkwardly, in a truly adorable way. Which I thought was rather suited to the story and the characters themselves. If I want over the top, melodramatic, to the exclusion of all else, heaving bosoms true love, I'll read a romance novel with a half dressed couple on the cover.

I think it goes without saying that I want Elizabeth's job. Working in a place full of books used to be one of my dream jobs when I was little and did not understand that money was actually a Pretty Serious Thing. Working in a place full of books and magical items that pays marginally well?

Sign me up. No really, point me to the right place (as I've still got my sense of direction). I would never leave, I promise you that. Worker (or Page) of the month would be mine forever.