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The Moment Stealer

To Say Nothing of the Dog - Connie Willis I am a sucker for good time travel books. This, as it so happens, is a great time travel book. I'll admit to getting a little lost with the logic behind her version of time travel, but it doesn't detract from the story at all. If PG Wodehouse were to ever write a Victorian science fiction/time travel story, it might just possibly be like this.

To Say Nothing of the Dog showcases a hilarious comedy of inescapably British manners, a rather self-aware romance with just the right balance of absurdity and sentiment, and, well, a dog and a cat that more or less steal the show every time they pop into the text. It's smartly written, with references that I loved to Dorothy Sayers, and although it gets a bit repetitive when it comes to the themes, it helps.

If I could go back in time, I'd go back to the day I picked this up, so I could experience the book for the first time all over again...though I think it probably doesn't work that way.