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The Moment Stealer

Heroes Return (Hero Series, #5) - Moira J. Moore I'm pleased to see that Lee isn't as annoying as she was in the previous books, but that is mainly because Taro has stepped in to take her place. I do get why they're both so strained (in fact, the reasons why they're both so upset with each other is sprinkled just a little too liberally through the book), but one would've thought the lines of communication have been well and truly drawn out by now. It's been five books already, come on. How old are they?

Also frustrating is how this book seems to just be there to build up to the next one. All this talk and speculation about the Emperor's plan, the Triple S's role, the Dowager's dastardly plot, and hardly any resolution whatsoever. I get that this is part of a series, but you usually have to give your readers some sense of fulfillment with each installment.

All that said, I did enjoy reading Heroes Return. I have all these complaints but I was really into the book while I was reading. Felt full sympathy for Fiona's many plights in dealing with her new people, and booed whenever Lee and Taro couldn't get their Lee-and-Taro time. The series may have slowed down a bit with this book, I'm still picking up the next one.