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The Emperor's Edge (The Emperor's Edge #1) - Lindsay Buroker Amaranthe Lokdon is a female Enforcer with a touch of OCD and a stalwart dedication to justice that would've done Batman proud. Through a series of events completely out of her control, she is thrust into the middle of a devious plot to assassinate the young Emperor and is forced to go on the run from the law with only an infamous assassin for company. This is the story of how she takes back control of her life and, in the process of doing so, assembles the motliest crew of hooligans to uncover the traitors, defeat the undefeatable beast, and save the day.

(And maybe fall a teeny bit in love.)

I absolutely loved this book. Amaranthe is pragmatic and endlessly resourceful, with a silver tongue that wins her way through most of the harrowing situations she finds herself in. I'm so delighted that there are five more books for me to read with her, because she is one of the most interesting heroines I've come across in a long time. She's intelligent and thinks quickly on her feet in the worst possible situations. I can't quite detect any flaws in her except her tendency to think the best of people, but she isn't impossibly perfect and is often left floundering in Sicarius's wake.

And ah, Sicarius. Endlessly mysterious and intriguing as all proper assassin heroes should be. Not much is known about him except a very pivotal plot reveal towards the end of this book, but that doesn't make him an uninteresting character. Seeing him through Amaranthe's obviously lovelorn perspective makes his mystery fascinating instead of a massive pain in the ass (and I rather like her crush on him. It's refreshing for a heroine to just accept her feelings instead of fighting them every step of the way). Despite being the city's deadliest assassin, he's actually rather passive and accepts Amaranthe's leadership, watching and waiting instead of plunging headlong on his own.

The Emperor's Edge was a very great read, with intrigues aplenty and daring escapes everywhere else. Amaranthe doesn't always make the wisest decisions or even save everyone she wishes, but her innate strength and quick thinking makes her a character worth sticking to. Her friends are all terrific characters with the most entertaining rapport, and her slowly developing relationship with Sicarius is something I'm really rather excited to read about.

Hell yeah, I'm picking up the next one.