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The Moment Stealer

Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas Fallen rake and awkward lass -- the combination has been done before but I've never really believed those earlier couplings until Evie and St. Vincent (whose name alone is sexy, for Christ's sake!). I didn't expect them to fall in love this way at all, considering their personalities and the circumstances, but they did. And it felt different, but totally right. Almost like it was the natural progression of things for them to fall in love, and that it was more than just about hanky panky, but about a deep and genuine caring for one another.

Their characters fair sparked off the page as well. Undoubtedly, St. Vincent absolutely snagged my heart even before he got his own book, but Evie herself has a quiet sort of charm to her.

For me, the other three Wallflower books are only made memorable from the legions of other romance novels I have read by this book. The other stories I've read tend to blend together in my head after some time, but this novel stands out from the crowd. I remember exactly what happened between the deceptively malleable Evie and the very sexy, very charming St. Vincent, and how their story became more to me than just a quick romance fix.

Instant favorite, to be read again and again until either I memorize the whole thing or the pages give up and fall apart.

EDIT: Reread haha