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The Moment Stealer

The House of Tomorrow - Peter Bognanni Once again, I was reeled into this book by the excellent cover design. I like this edition, but the one that pulled me in was the second one -- the cover that sort of looks like a shitty poster. What can I say.

Anyway, I couldn't put this down. This was just such an entrancing book, with such a funny and (dare I say it) sweet oddball friendship at its root. I loved how Jared and Sebastian had grown to depend on each other despite coming from such foreign lives. I loved how Sebastian became enmeshed in the Whitcombs' lives, and how his devotion to Nana and the things she taught him gave him such an interesting outlook on the things happening in his life. I loved the simplicity of Sebastian's love for Meredith and the way she reacted to his honesty.

Some people might compare this book to The Perks of Being a Wallflower, because both books are coming-of-age stories about young boys widening their horizons and falling in love. I think The House of Tomorrow far surpasses it, though, in prose style and in not annoying me with stupid main characters.

Also, that record shop owner? Dark horse favorite character, right there.